Three songs for India (by Lakshmi)

Ishwara (Colombia)

The love play

Photo: Ishwara 

The love play.

The cosmic dance

is alive.


The honey milk light

pours into my mind.


Mystic temples,

tinkling bells,

mantras spoken softly

floating in the air.


Sacred stories,

wise words,

uttered by orange robed priests.


Goodness and humility

in these kind Indian eyes.


As the sun sets,

the ceremony begins…

a kiss of beauty,

a love offering

are the candle lights afloat in the river.


The creation.

A vehicle for the consecration of the Self.


Raw beauty

Foto: Ishwara

City of Light, Kashi, Varanasi,

it is a blessing to be here.

Ancient humanity in modern clothes,

with your raw beauty of

life, death and release.


Home of Shiva,

destroyer of darkness, bringer of light,

with his force and fire,

my body dissolves to the bones.


Before the day breaks,

and the sun is born,

the oars rythmically dip,

I glide on the water.

moving into my Soul.


The living presence

Foto: Ishwara

My feet gingerly stepped up to the great Master Aurobindo’s resting place.

His devotees were there with sincere hearts, silently in their inner worlds.


Flowers were everywhere, their perfume was alluring.

As I came closer, I felt the tears rolling down my cheeks.


It was a pilgrimage to the Living Presence.

I prostrated and pressed my forehead down onto the soothing cold stone,

then slowly I moved, finding a place to sit and go within.


And it was then that I felt it entering into my spirit, mind and body,

a towering force that plunged intensely into me.


And yet there was an otherworldly sweetness, a tenderness to it.

Each chakra blossomed widely outwards,

filling up with a special Soma.


I breathed in the world,

I breathed out the world.


I offered these moments to the Divine.


And the golden light welled up inside,

I was imploding from within,

boundless and united in a sweet Delight.


I am in love with this dance, that has no ending.

It was the blessing of the Living Presence that made it so.

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